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“Diet” is just “die” with a “t”

Margaret Cho responds to the people who have noticed she’s lost weight, and tells them her “secret.”

The F*** It Diet

It’s not what you might think — and it’s a highly instructive story.

If you’re wondering why I’m sending you to a comedian to figure out how to eat better, well, that’s a valid question.

The answer is that her “program” (if you really need to call it one) is not new! It’s called “intuitive eating,” and is actually a scientific thing.

Doubt me? Check out one of my favorite Health At Every Size blogs, The Fat Nutritionist, where Michelle explains the concept beautifully, and links you to scads of research about the topic.  Oh, and if you’re interested in applying these concepts to your life, I just learned that Michelle is offering a very affordable ONLINE group workshop starting in April 2012.

Bon appetit!

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