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Film Friday: When Fat Activism Wins

What will the world look like when the work of fat activism is done? In less than four minutes, Juicy D. Light shares an inspiring vision of a world without body shame, with improved health for people of all sizes.

When I found this video, I was taking a break from writing a different kind of Film Friday post, about a video that had left me angry and discouraged. This video turned me around instantly.

I hope that you will all take a few moments to listen and visualize the world Juicy describes, and that you will join me in going out this weekend and being the change we want to see in the world.

Juicy D. Light is a fat activist, Burlesque performer, actor, and MC in Oakland, California.

This video is part of a collection of interviews from In Our Own Words: The Fat Activism History Project, by Ragen Chastain. Visit the project’s home page to view more inspiring videos and lend support to the project.

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