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Unlearning Mom’s Lessons

When I was a kid, our house had one bathroom. Three adults and five kids lived there, so as you can well imagine, that bathroom saw a lot of traffic. One day when I was about ten years old, I knocked, and my Mom was in there. “Come in,” she said. It was just after […]

RIP Jean Nidetch, 1923-2015

This week, Weight Watchers founder and millionaire weight-cycling entrepreneur Jean Nidetch died at the age of 91. She made her millions promoting diet culture and getting Americans (mostly women) to pay money to lose the same 20 or 30 pounds again and again. She did this by convincing her customers that any weight regain was their fault — […]

Film Friday: Of Chickens and Eggs

Perhaps the biggest lie that the medical establishment continues to tell fat folks is that our body size is solely (or at least primarily) our own fault; and further, that we could all permanently change our body size to a “healthy” one, if only we would make better lifestyle choices. The second big lie is that even if we’re fat and […]

Film Friday: When Fat Activism Wins

What will the world look like when the work of fat activism is done? In less than four minutes, Juicy D. Light shares an inspiring vision of a world without body shame, with improved health for people of all sizes. When I found this video, I was taking a break from writing a different kind […]

ACSM Summit, Part Deux: Kids

As I noted in last Thursday’s blog, The American College of Sports Medicine just held their annual Summit in Phoenix, and during the conference the Association let fly with some not-so-nice Tweets. I’ve already covered the trouble with coercive workplace “wellness” initiatives, but that wasn’t the only instance of highly problematic attitudes being spread around. During a […]

Not In My Job Description

The American College of Sports Medicine (the authority whose certification is the gold standard for personal trainers, and which has certified me) is holding their 19th Annual Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition in Phoenix this week. Fitness trainers are my people, but today I’m feeling betrayed, because some of the folks at ACSM are putting things […]

Review: Dr. Deah’s Calmanac

Dr. Deah’s Calmanac: Your Interactive Monthly Guide For Cultivating A Positive Body Image is not your typical self-help book. It is much better. Dr. Deah is a professional with years of experience using art therapy to promote body acceptance. She holds a Doctorate in Education, an MS in Therapeutic Recreation, an MA in Creative Arts Education, and […]

Film Friday: Poodle Science

“The Problem With Poodle Science,” from the Association for Size Diversity and Health, is a delightful video that must be shared. It is both funny and factual, and explains the HAES (Health At Every Size) approach to fitness in just under three minutes. Of course, it also holds a special place in my heart because it echoes the […]

Comeback Kid

Late last November, like many people who got that 26% effective flu shot (or didn’t get one at all), I came down with a creeping crud that really kicked my butt. Along with the typical fever and aches, I was short of breath, with a scary cough that seemed to come from someplace down by my toes. Normally […]

HIIT Me With Your Best Shot

A reader wrote to ask what kind of workout would be best to help increase her stamina. She was already a regular exerciser, but wanted to take her workouts to the next level. My mind went immediately to High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. HIIT training improves cardiorespiratory fitness and revs up the body’s metabolism, leading […]

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