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Film Friday: Poodle Science

“The Problem With Poodle Science,” from the Association for Size Diversity and Health, is a delightful video that must be shared. It is both funny and factual, and explains the HAES (Health At Every Size) approach to fitness in just under three minutes.

Of course, it also holds a special place in my heart because it echoes the Fat Personal Trainer motto (see sidebar):

You can starve a Saint Bernard, but you ain’t gonna turn it into a Greyhound.

Have a great weekend, readers. I’m planning to take my Saint Bernard body for a one-mile walk in the park. How about you? Feel free to share your plans for joyful movement in Comments.

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  1. Clicked onto your blog via a link in my FB group, then started reading your posts. This one got me because it was how I reached my daughter a few weeks ago. We’re tall and not model thin, but,frankly, not fat. We are heavy…dense…solid. It has always been a topic of amusement in our home just how heavy we are. Anyway, 16 reared its ugly head and one last growth spurt gave her hips, thighs, and, well, a woman’s figure and she struggled. She compared herself unfavorably to her petite friends. Her broad shoulders, so good at CrossFit, made clothes fit differently. Her legs aren’t willowy any more, as she follows after generations of women in her family. But then I hit on my own dog comparison (as we have four) and told her she’d never expect our golden retriever to be as small as her Pom mix because they aren’t meant to be the same size and she got it. Different sizes do give different strengths…big dogs do big work, while little dogs are our vermin chasers. People need to start embracing their strengths rather than making apologies for what someone else deems a shortcoming. Anyway, my happy ending: She truly got it…years of positive messages capped off with this silly little comparison worked…even better, she is really okay with it. Those broad shoulders and sturdy legs seem to be just right for throwing javelin and shot put. Now if only society could get the message…

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