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Be Your Own Valentine

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This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, make time to show yourself a little love.

It’s a gorgeous, freezing day here in New England, so I’m going to take a walk outside.  I’ll be enjoying the frozen scenery during the walk; the hot tea that I’ll drink afterward; and the full-body glow that comes after every workout.

If you’re not in the habit of working out, consider trying this exercise in self-love:

  1. Sit quietly for five minutes. Check in with your body. How do your muscles feel? Your head? Your skin? Your joints? Feel yourself breathing, and notice your heartbeat.
  2. Take a walk, a swim, a bike ride, or a dance break in your living room. It matters little what you do, as long as it’s fun and gets your heart rate up for 15 minutes or so.  Be sure to taper off the pace of activity at the end of the exercise; don’t suddenly go from very active to completely inactive.  Do some gentle stretches so that your muscles will be happy tomorrow as well as today.
  3. Once you’ve completely cooled down from the activity, go back to the same spot where you sat for five minutes, and check in with your body again.  Has anything changed?

What do you feel like doing now?

Let me know your experience in comments.

Recognise once and truly for pity’s sake end of the earth all time no holds barred freakin’ I’m really gonna get it this time … that you only get one body.  Love it.  Nurture it.  Be kind to it.  And stop obsessing.  Enjoy the ride beautiful you in the form you’ve been given.  –Julie Parker

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